Buyer’s Guide: Simple Procedure in Buying a House

Choosed youre Agent Well

1. You have to have your WILL and WANT to have your DREAM HOME.

2. Determine your budget in getting your OWN HOME.

3. Determine the type of house (bungalow,townhouse, single attached/detached) you want in accordance to your budget.

4. Scout, research of the best and trusted developer for you.

5. Choose and coordinate with licensed real estate broker / sales agent to assist you/help in buying your DREAM HOME. (Note: chose the one with willingness to help not the one who are interested only on money.)

6. Prepare some requirements for reservation.(3pcs ID picture, Photo copy of 2ID with signature and reservation fee). Visit the housing project personally or your representative.

7. Choose the location – block and lot no. thru Developer’s Sales Map and check the computation if suited to your budget.

8. Decide what will be your mode and terms of payment.

9. Then reserved the unit.

10. Get from Developer’s Office/Agent list of requirements to be submitted together with signed forms. Must be submitted within 60 days from reservation date.
10. Submit requirements.

11. Pay first your monthly downpayment 30 – 45 days from reservation date. After full
downpayment, start paying your monthly amortization.

12. Upon full downpayment, you may now inspect your house in preparation for transfer or

13. Sign house acceptance after inspection.

14.. You may now apply for Meralco (3 weeks) and water connection (3 days) thru Developer’s
Office (selected projects only). While waiting for electric connection, Developer will allow you
to get electric connection thru sub-meter connection within the village.

15. Upon house acceptance, you’ll be allowed to construct interior and exterior improvements and expansion. Just get approval from Developer’s Office. Approval from the Developer is free, but need to get construction permit. Some developer required to pay construction bonds.

16. Congratulations! You are now a proud owner of one of our best selling home!